Why you will no longer believe in advertising photos of hotels (Part 2)

Are you going to have a look at the rest pictures from our photo collection of the hotels made for advertising and by tourists in a real life? We have some more to show you. Maybe you also faced such situations in your life when you were offered to spend your long-awaited holidays in a beautiful hotel with perfect conditions but indeed when got to the place you had chosen, you found out that it was not exactly that beautiful place you saw in the bright picture in a tour agency. Share then your experience in the comments and we will show your some photos of other tourists whose holidays were spoilt by bad accomodation conditions. 

Hotel Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Ad photo: A huge bed seems to have been created for the most pleasant rest or carnal pleasures.


Reality: If you do not turn around the bed, then the gap between two separated beds will not be felt so much.


Claridge Hotel, Miami

Ad photo: An indoor swimming pool made in the Italian style is happy to open its doors in any bad weather.


Reality: In reality, because of its length, the pool looks more like a whirlpool bath.


Comfort Suites Bypass, Williamsburg

Ad photo: A well-equipped gym will surely please demands of those who try to keep fit.


Reality: But it is a good chance to see the girls working out a bit closer!)))


Ritz Carlton, Los Angeles

Ad photo: Luxurious conditions on the roof of a luxury hotel.


Reality: Not bad, but already without drool on the chin))


Le Dune Suite hotel, Apulia

Ad photo: And why not to swim in this wonderful pool after a delicious breakfast?

swimming pool

Reality: A distant foreshortening makes the entourage of the pool not so attractive.


London West Hollywood, London

Ad photo: The most comfortable sofa on the most comfortable balcony is at your disposal!


Reality: A close-up shot gives an idea of the size of the sofa, the proposed spaciousness of the balcony and the general views.


Barcelo Capella Beach Resort, Juan Dolio

Ad photo: Ideal beach, which will suit the needs of the most demanding tourists.


Reality: Welcome, miner!



As you can see, booking a room can be considered as a sort of a lottery. Have you ever faced such an unfair or absolutely dishonest advertising of hotels, boarding houses or private properties? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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