10 the smallest inhabited islands in the world

People from time immemorial were able to protect their homes from the outside world with fences, walls or moats. But some simply chose hard-to-reach places for construction, such as rocks, forests and islands, surrounded by lake, river and even ocean. Below is a list of the tiniest, but very picturesque inhabited islands of the world.

1. The island of Bled Lake, Slovenia


The Mariinsky Church is located on the island.

2. Wilhelmstein, Hannover, Germany


A fortress-museum can be found on this island.

3. Visovac Island, Croatia


A Franciscan monastery of the XVII century is located on this island.

4. Ponticonisi Island, Corfu, Greece

smallestislandsThe monastery of Vlaherna is situated on this small island.

5. Island on Lake Galve, Lithuania


Trakai Castle is here on the island.

6. St. George’s Island, Montenegro


A Benedictine abbey can be found on this island.

7. The island of “Gospa od Skrpela”, Montenegro


The church of Our Lady is here.

8. Dunbar Island, Honduras


A private villa is the main attraction on the island.

9. The island of Mont-Saint-Michel, France


A city and an abbey are here on the island.

10. Bjarnarey Island, Iceland


A hunting lodge is located here on the island.

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