From Virtual To Human Contact – Premium Online Dating Works

Who knew? Apparently, there is now plenty of online apps out there for what is considered an ‘elite’ group of dating professionals.This new era of Premium online dating seems to be gathering traction in all corners of the internet. The world of elite online dating doesn’t come without proving your worth, though! Apps like, The League, actually require you to have to prove that you have the ‘stuff’ to be considered elite.

They compile data based on your education and professional history;  only if you fit the profile of the elite standard, will you be sent an email stating your successful ‘draft into the League.’


Now, the industry of online dating doesn’t seem to be only attracting the elite of the world. Online dating is picking up steam particularly in European countries where revenues for websites and apps are estimated to reach $200-$450 million in Europe. All of which, according to Bloomberg, still doesn’t beat out the giant of online dating; the USA, which is expected to grow to $515 million in the near future.

European singles definitely aren’t shying away from the use of online dating to meet their soon-to-be lovers. That’s all crazy, right? Like, how do you know who you’re talking to is actually a person? Isn’t that a lot of money to spend on something that’s not a guarantee? Although, the way some places advertise you’d think you’d find the love of your life in 5 minutes!

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Let’s address that first concern, the one that gets you asking, “Is this person an actual human being?” Certain sites seem to be notorious for having ‘bots’ or as they like to put politely it ‘non-genuine profiles’. This can cause problems if you’re a professional looking for that special someone on those sites.

You don’t have time to mess around with the bots; you have meetings to attend, flights to catch, dinner reservations to meet. If you’re going to spend your precious time, it will have to be with a genuine person.

The good news is that, like mentioned before, premium online dating sites have a sophisticated methodology of selecting people. So, chances are you’ll be able to say safely that the European single you have been speaking to the past few weeks before your trip to Paris is actually a real person.

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Perfect! It looks like you’re all set then, right? There’s no reason you shouldn’t be. As one of the elite, it shouldn’t be too hard to get sorted out on a top notch dating app and just start talking to people. Just remember, you have to bring that virtual relationship to a point where you will have actual human contact. Don’t hold back on your profile! Make sure what you put (aside from your verifiable work experience and background) is actually who you are.

You may be busy, but there’s no reason not to say you don’t like taking vacations in the Caribbean just to grab some whiskey and walk down the beach. Get out there and enjoy the new virtual world of elite online dating, it works!

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