How To Make Money Buying Lost Travel Luggage?

Every year travellers lose hundreds of thousands of suitcases around the world but those bags don’t just disappear – actually, they give a chance for you to make money. Even that luggage that never finds its owners again ends up somewhere. In fact, that somewhere is some kind of auction house that sells lost suitcases to people. American Unclaimed Baggage Center in Alabama has 800 thousands of visitors every year and is the state’s largest tourist attraction. There is also the British version of lost luggage auction for a good bargain and sales at a profit.140326-heathrowbaggage_949fe8d60fc66600fe5c3cd71500df3cWhen British Airways has a number of unclaimed luggage in storage, it sells the bags at auction. All you need to do is to visit the auction house and bid on what you think you can sell later via eBay. It’s not difficult when you can get items worth more than £500 for £50. Sell them for, let’s say, £200 and make benefit of three times what you have spent. The point is, there are lots of bargains up for grabs and it can be fun – lots of people describe it as being like a treasure hunt. But buying the luggage you just don’t know what you will get inside. So you can only guess at the contents.

ottawa-travel-agencies-fullsuitAfter viewing the auction collection, head home and think about the prices of personal clothes to see how much of a profit you can make up. A nice way to get an idea of how much cases will sell for it to look for identical items that are already listed on eBay. You can also check out the recommended price of the clothes by searching on the net. The moment you know how much the case itself costs, you can set your bidding limit. If the suitcase is full of goodies then it could be worth exceeding your limit. But it can also be full of trash.

In 2006 British Airways auctioned 730 laptops and 1,460 cell phones, so there are lots of luxury goodies to be purchased on the cheap. There will also be clothes to your tastes. There are 2 ways you can take at the auction. The auctioneers take valuable items out of the luggage first and sell them separately. This includes electronic devices, jewelry, shoes and toiletries. You can bid on these and then sell them, ideally for more, of course.

ebaygadYou can also bid for lost suitcases and hope there are some good clothes, books, shoes you can sell. This is a kind of a lottery. Auctioneers only give the vaguest information about what is in each bag so you won’t know for sure what you are buying. Of course, you can also the case itself and make some money too. As soon as you have bid and paid for your suitcase, take it home and start your online selling to earn some money. Take some pictures, put a nice ad and then post it on eBay.

You can make lots of money. The valuable items sell very cheaply – a £500 snowboard sold for £75, for instance. The suitcases sell from £5 to £50. Even if the bag is just full of clothes you can try to sell it all for more than the price you paid for it.

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