10 eco-routes for unforgettable holidays (Part 1)

Who doesn’t want to escape from the whole world somewhere away from civilization and stay closer to nature? It would seem that it is almost impossible, since it is difficult to imagine at least one place on the Earth not touched by the global urbanization. However, it is not true.

We have gathered for your a review of 10 eco-routes for unforgettable holidays

Here you will find peace and really will be able to come into contact with nature.


Bartolome, Galapagos
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The archipelago of volcanic origin is located in the Pacific Ocean and is considered as one of the best places on the planet to observe the life of wild animals. Here you will find a large number of different types of plants and animals, that live only at this place. Watching them Charles Darwin created his famous theory of evolution. The island of volcanic origin Santa Cruz is worth a special attention. Its geological feature is a lava tunnel that is two kilometers long and almost ten meters high.


turtle in the sea
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It’s a private almost uninhabited island in the Bahamas in the Caribbean Sea. It’s big enough, so getting around it is not so easy. There are only two cottages here: in one of them the owner of the island lives, in the other – his guests. Therefore, the place can be considered ideal for the solitude with nature away from the whole world. The island has a marina and a nice beach. However, the main entertainment of the island is nurse sharks, that often swim here waiting for feeding. You can either swim together or pat them straight from the pier. But this entertainment is for the most daring.


A picturesque city is located in the north-west of France and is surrounded by organic fields. It is right here where the brand of organic cosmetics Yves Rocher was born and occupies today 55 hectares of field growing organic agricultures such as cornflower, mallow, chamomile, arnica, calendula, nasturtium and carpobrotus edulis, which are added to their own brand cosmetics.

Botanical Beauty Valley
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The eco-hotel SPA La Gree des Landes is also located on the hills of La Gacieux, a cozy corner of peace and harmony, which is 100% corresponds with the eco-concept of the Yves Rocher brand. It offers you a new look at the world: controlled energy consumption, environmentally friendly materials, natural water filtration with the help of reeds – all this indicates a high level of environmental responsibility of the brand. Each room has a magnificent view. Hotel guests are offered exquisite dishes that are first of all healthy. The chef at the restaurant Les Jardins Sauvages daily prepares food using organic products delivered by the local farmers. Many ingredients come to the restaurant straight from their own gardens, where they grow delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs in accordance with the strict principles of organic farming. There is also a swimming pool, Turkish baths and spa-rooms in a hotel.

In your free time you can visit the Yves Rocher Botanical Garden that is situated right under the open sky, where more than 1,500 plant species are grown under the strict guidance of a team of gardeners and botanists, including rare and endangered species. In addition, two years ago, in the very center of La Gassille, the Yves Rocher Museum was opened, where during 45 minutes excursion you will completely plunge into the atmosphere of the brand and learn about the fascinating history of its founder. Here you can also try dishes made from natural products in the restaurant Le Végétarium, go to the boutique or to the Institute of Beauty Yves Rocher.

Végétarium restaurant
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And if you visit the city from June to September, you will see one of the largest open-air photo exhibitions in Europe. The works of the participants of the festival are designed to draw public’s attention to environmental issues. Pictures decorate the walls, green fences and facades of the houses throughout the whole city. The main organizer of the festival is again the Yves Rocher Foundation.


Mount Kilimanjaro, Kenya
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Right in this part of the African continent there are many unique places, such as Mount Kilimanjaro, safari and more than fifty national parks. Taking the tours around this beautiful country, you can get acquainted with the lifestyle of the people living in Kenya and learn its local history. But what is more important, you can watch very rare species of animals, plants and birds. The best time to travel to Kenya is the period of the Great Migration, when thousands of herds of hoofed animals walk large distances in search of new pastures. Usually this period begins in July. From a very short distance you can see buffaloes, rhinos, elephants, leopards and lions.


Alaska wild nature
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The stream crosses so wild and deserted places where wild animals live calmly and serenely. Among them there are both Arctic and Pacific species. Natural landscapes were formed here under the influence of water, wind and glaciers, therefore places along the river have exceptional natural beauty. To watch it properly, go on rafting on the rough rapids of the river.

We hope you will choose some place from this list as your next holiday destination.

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