The dream job: she visits luxury hotels and gets money for it

Most of us work, counting the days before an invaluable couple of weeks for vacations. But there is a person in the world who gets money for being on a continuous vacation. Rhiannon Taylor from Australia earns a piece of bread and butter by traveling to luxury hotels around the world, and then writes reviews and uploads photos to her Instagram and to a personal blog “In Bed With Me”. We have studied account of this lucky girl in details.

Rhiannon is a photographer and journalist, her reviews are very popular. Many hotels around the Globe are glad to cooperate with Rhiannon, because she knows how to find unusual angles and give her reviews to some pleasant little things, that are so important for potential guests.

The softness of the bed, the temperature of the water in the pool, the beauty and taste of the cappuccino served in the lobby – nothing will escape from the sharp gaze of the happiest female worker in the world. And she knows how make all these things look “tasty” in her photos.

It’s important that she always has her camera ready, and she really knows how to handle it: before becoming a blogger, Rhiannon worked for seven years as a photographer. This is what enabled her to establish strong ties with representatives of the travel industry and launch her successful project.

Rhiannon has 15.4 thousand subscribers on her Instagram. And of course, it all started with an account in the social network, and then the “In Bed With Me” website appeared – a more detailed and informative resource for those who are eager to get more information about the best hotels in the world.

The girl who lived in Melbourne before has already traveled to a lot of hotels around the world getting a special invitation of the hoteliers. She also cooperates with companies that produce various travel goods (swimwear, luggage) and promotes them in her Instagram (not free of charge, of course).

Rhiannon’s eye of photograper focuses on many beautiful and important things: the shine of the water surface of the pool, spectacular nightlights at the head of a wide bed, and roasted bacon degree “just right” served for breakfast.

Today she is in Miami, and tomorrow she is already in Bali.

Hmm, it looks like all the following photos do not need our signatures. Further we will envy from Rhiannon’s luck silently.

Summer textures at Pretty Beach House. ? | @sundaysomewhere

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