The Main Problem of Dating Sites is Low Rates of Men’s and Women’s Activity

A whooping 49,250,000 of the population in the US alone uses online dating sites to find somebody they could possibly date. This statistic includes both men and women and while we have established that both genders actively use online dating services to find potential partners. A new trend has been observed in the online dating arena – both the parties are waiting for each other to make the first move.

Young woman

Consider the following scenario: You are a well established 38 year old man looking for someone to spend time with. You turn to an online dating service which promises you to help you meet the woman of your dreams.

On the other hand, we have a young, ambitious 27 year old woman who is looking for someone just like you. The odds are in your favor and you both come across each other’s profiles and you like what you see, yet neither of you makes the first move in breaking the ice. Why?


Ask any woman and she will tell you that in any given situation, she absolutely adores being approached. Many women grow up thinking that they are the treasure that needs to be hunted and not the other way around and men contribute to this scenario by adding how 9/10 times it is the thrill of the chase that matters, nothing else. If this is what it is then men should have a solid game plan which would help them in getting the woman virtually or realistically, right?

Then why are men so hesitant in approaching women? There is a specific term for it and it called Approach Anxiety.

Mostly, it is the fear of rejection which can cause a huge blow to the ego. You turn up your charm and approach someone only to get turned down by them. This fear when internalized can make men feel very awkward about approaching a woman they like, on their own. Women on the other hand tend to turn down men they meet online for a number of varying reasons. Some are naturally more selective than others; some get a little nervous because they never know who the person really is on the other end of the screen.


Yes, the woman you like could say no to you. Yes, the man you just met can be different from what you had in mind, but these possible scenarios should not hold you back from at least making an effort to approach a person. The bottom line is, you will never know unless you try. And this principle applies to both men and women. Men actually like it more if women are the first ones to write to them for it takes some pressure of off them.

So, quit wasting time holding your breath and waiting for someone else to message you first. Do not over think pressing enter on the beautiful, heartfelt message you just finished typing. Your doubts and insecurities should not hold you from using online dating sites and finding what possibly could be the love of your life.

One such dating site is which allows men and women to get to know each other better as they travel and explore the world together.


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