10 Amazingly Cheap & Beautiful Places to Visit and Live. Part II

We shared first five cheap and beautiful places all over the world to see and live in our previous entry. So today we keep on acquainting you with amazing resorts and cities you have never known to be that great and budget!4ROwICOY7Lg

6. Pearl Island, Panama

An amazing archipelago lies in the Pacific Ocean just 30 kilometers to the West away from the continental part of Panama. It was a great source of pearls in the past. The most powerful pirates hid from the government on this island. Today it’s a home to splendid resorts for tourists. You can rent a house on the sea shore for some $300 per month. Isn’t it the perfect place for voluntary exile? It was here where three seasons of “Lost” were captured. Thus Pearl Island is one of the most picturesque places in the world.

7. Agonda Beaches, Goa, India

The Southern part of Goa’s coast is a place where you can ride an elephant right on the beach. It will take you 50 cents to buy a bottle of wine, 60 cents to get a haircut and only $120 to rent a house on the beach here. Seriously, what are you waiting for?! This part of Goa is quite uninhabited so local people don’t see much of tourists here if comparedto the other part of the Indian coast. You won’t see hippies in their big plastic sunglasses here for sure. Agonda is a paradise with lots of churches and places to practice yoga.A-beach-resort-at-Agonda-beach

8. VelikoTarnovo, Bulgaria

This place is called in honor of the river valley in the northern part of the country where it is situated. VelikoTarnovo is the best Riviera on the shore of the Black Sea. It’s as beautiful as the one in France but the bottle of beer costs 80 cents here. Town’s population is only 200 thousand people. VelikoTarnovo was a witness of rises and falls of at least half a dozen of world’s empires. You can rent an apartment for just $200 per month here. The only drawback is the poor infrastructure development.

9. Ho Coc Beach, Vietnam

Southeastern coast of Vietnam is famous for its 11 thousand hectares of tropical woods. It’s one of the best places for diving and spearfishing throughout Asia. The Great Reef Barrier is lying here. You won’t meet tourists here even during weekends. That is why it’s possible to rent an apartment for only $150-200 per month. But be ready to share beaches and live close to the locals. ho-coc

10. Las Trancas, Chile

Las Trancas is a place where ones of the best mountain hills of Southern America are located. The speech is about the Andes, of course. You can ski all year round paying for your accommodation only $300 per month. Rich tourists live on mountain hills while experienced ones choose the piedmont villages. The only problem is that it’s winter here all year round. But there are lots of people who love it, right?


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