5 main rules of safe travelling

In today’s article we’re going to introduce you 5 main rules how to stay safe from frauds and do not lose your money during a trip. 

Rule 1. Always check the information

Large reservation services carefully check the ads, but do not forget about the human factor.

Do not buy too cheap offers. When planning a trip, be sure to contact the apartment owners in advance. Also ask friends or find feedbacks on Facebook, whether someone knows your chosen hostel or hotel. Forewarned is forearmed!

Rule 2. Do not lose money and documents out of your sight

Put cash and credit cards in a small bag (preferably a nursery bag) and always keep it with you until you get to the place.


No matter how friendly the neighbor on a compartment or an armchair in the plane is, do not ask him to look after your things while you go somewhere for a while.

After arriving at the hotel or apartment, put all your valuables to the safe, if available, or close them in your suitcase using combination lock.

Rule 3. Use copies of documents

Regardless of the degree of fun on your journey, you will return home. Without a passport, this will be too difficult.


To protect yourself from loss of documents and intrigues of pickpockets, before going on a trip you need to scan your passport and upload images to your phone. Do the same with insurance, driving license and other important documents. Electronic copies should be duplicated by paper prints in case the police stop you, and your phone is discharged.

Rule 4: Use gadgets carefully

Experienced tourists recommend taking on a trip only old button phones. But this advice is very controversial. Smartphone for a traveler plays a role of navigator, cashier and guide at the same time.

But expensive smartphones is like a red rag for thieves. It’s worth getting your favorite gadget and demonstrating your wealth, as you will immediately be listed in the list of must-steal. So keep your device firm when taking pictures or looking for Wi-Fi, and always hide all your devices deep into your backpack.

Rule 5. Do not take a lot of cash with you

Especially large bills! Before the trip, buy a little foreign currency in small bills, and put the remaining funds on the card. So you save a place in your wallet and do not attract the attention of pickpockets, paying for purchases.


If you are not alone, consider the distribution of the common funds within the group, so that in case of theft, you will not remain without money.

Good luck and have a safe trip!

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