How to get the maximum of pleasant impressions from your trip. On a Trip

We continue helping you get the maximum impressions from your trip. And now, when your suitcase has been already packed, we are going to start on a journey.

So what should you do being on a trip!?

Let’s find out together!

1. Write down everything in your memory

take photos

…your thoughts, impressions, funny words from the locals, take pictures and shoot video. Listen, see, gather tastes and smells. Take photos! A lot of photos since the very first day after your flight and never use any filters on your pictures! Do not worry to have a lot of identical photos – you’d better to delete them later than miss something incredibly funny, surprising or strange.

2. Forget about the famous sights

It is unlikely that the universally recognized landmark of any country or city in your photos will look different from all other inhabitants of the planet that have also shot it. You can choose from all the variety of wonderful places only those ones that you personally need! For example, the most desirable places to visit in Istanbul are not mosques but for example modern art museum and a staircase with colorful stairs nearby.

3. Do not try to do it all

travelling couple

Make a trip route to your liking, a trip plan according to your desire and schedule for your lifestyle. But a detailed plan can become a heavy burden, a source of feelings of guilt. Do not limit yourself to the framework, relax and rejoice in unexpectedness, suddenness, unforeseen!

4. Do not starve

Eat high-quality and inexpensive food. Vegetable salad bought in the local market and cooked in the hotel room buckwheat will save you from unnecessary waste and poisoning. You should always have a bottle of water and a bar of muesli or nuts bought in the supermarket, but not near the local sights.

However, the local cuisine of any country is worthy trying it. Find a nice and inexpensive cafe where local residents eat. Order what they eat. Enjoy! Of course, if you have doubts about the quality of food or the stamina of your stomach, it is better to abstain.

5. Think of your “high point”


Do what you want, in the place where everyone does the same thing. For example, drink a cup of coffee at the local cafe overlooking some famous landmark. As a rule, close to the most popular sights there are a lot of different cafes or restaurants, which of course for a cup of ordinary coffee will ask you to pay an unusually large amount of money. You can easily make your favorite coffee in your hotel room, take it with you in the thermos mug and choose the best view. The taste of coffee with a view is special! The view with coffee is unforgettable!

6. Communicate with local people

Drop stereotypes, expand borders and communicate with people regardless of their religion, social status, appearance, citizenship or mother tongue. Exchange information, souvenirs, contact details. This will give you a new experience and will open new opportunities for you! You need to have friends who will inspire you to do extraordinary things.

7. Do not buy junk


Spend money for what you really want. But do not buy souvenirs. Better bring from your trips some special tea, cool spices or unusual cosmetics.

Hope you will follow our pieces of advice and your adventure will be unforgettable. Do not miss the next part of our pieces of advice for you after coming back home from your journey!

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