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A Guide to Meeting and Dating Models

Dating a model is every man’s ultimate fantasy. This is not surprising since models appear to be the most beautiful women on the planet.Most men however, view meeting and reaching out to models as a fairly daunting task. It can be, as well, if you do not know the correct approach. Fortunately, the following guide will tell you all you need to know about meeting and successfully dating a model.

Follow the tips given below to ensure that you land that embodiment of physical perfection every time.

1. Visit places that models frequent

Models are known for the ‘work hard, party harder’ philosophy. Their jobs demand some time to let the hair down so nightclubs, lounges and bars are the usual hangouts for models. Visit these places as often as possible. Fashion shows are another great opportunity to meet models as they’ll be working yet completely approachable.


Of course, the more famous the spot, the bigger the model, so unless you’re looking for the top of the list, it is a good idea to stick to some of the more intermediate venues.

2. Be confident and engaged, just not overly so

Models are usually people who thrive in the limelight. They love the attention and are most comfortable and happiest when lavished upon. However, in a personal setting, they don’t appreciate potential dates poring over them at length. Listen to what she has to say, don’t just act, be interested in what she has to say and you’ll have a gorgeous person who’s interested in talking to you.


Overconfidence can be extremely unattractive so keep the confidence up but controlled. Models usually go for real, confident people who are neither eager fanboys nor overconfident men.

3. Be prepared to spend

Models are some of the most high maintenance people around so if you want to find success with one, don’t be too strict on the wallet. Dinners in the finest restaurants, clothes from the most high-end brands, these are things you will need and should be prepared to spend on.

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Do not go overboard with the gifts and presents though. Too many gifts and favors tend to come across as creepy and desperate, something you should avoid at all costs.

4. Treat them just like anybody else

Models are people too and underneath all the glamour, there is a normal person. Be interested in them for who they are and not what they do.

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Depending on how famous they are, models encounter anywhere from dozens to hundreds of people interested in them because they are models and not for whom they are underneath; just people looking to have a good time.

5. Be accommodating and respectful

If you are serious about dating a model, it is very important to be accommodating of their responsibilities and habits. They might have work throughout the week so plan dates accordingly. They might be very picky eaters so hearty and heavy meals may be out of the question. They might be extremely body conscious so physically demanding activities like sports may be unadvisable. Respect their boundaries and understand, you’ll be appreciated and thanked for it.

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Remember, meeting and dating a model may require a bit more courage than usual unless you’re a star athlete or a celebrity yourself but really, anyone can do it, with the right approach.

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