Interesting Facts About Hong Kong

Find out all you need to know about this city of seven million people on the South China Sea coast – its colorful history, diverse culture and East-meets-West character. If you decided to travel to Hong Kong you should know some information about this city. Now you have an opportunity to learn some interesting and educational facts about such bright city as Hong Kong.images1. If you’re going to visit this wonderful city you should know that Hong Kong is translated as Fragrant Harbor thanks to its deep water sea ports used for export and import of goods.

  1. Hong Kong is the city of skyscrapers. It has 144 of them which is almost twice more that New York
  2. Engineers and architects use FengShui for constructing and designing of buildings in this city.
  3. It’s a tradition to eat noodles on birthday parties in Hong Kong. It’s a sign of long blessed life.
  4. Hong Kong is the city with the highest population density. That’s why schools work on two shifts a day. One shift starts in the morning and ends at afternoon while the other starts at afternoon and ends in the evening. Also because there is such little space and so many citizens, graves in cemeteries have to be stacked on each other’s top.
  5. Parks, scenic areas, woods and gardens occupy three quarters of Hong Kong.загруженное (1)
  6. Hong Kong is one of the best tourist attractions in the world as 28 million tourists have visited this city in 2011 only.
  7. This city has the highest IQ average among 107 in the world.
  8. The Hong Kong dollar takes the 8th place among most traded currencies in the world.
  9. It’s one of the most densely populated cities in the world.
  10. People in Hong Kong speak English and Chinese.
  11. There are more Rolls Royces per person in this city than in any other one in the world.
  12. It actually consists of 200 islands and some polders which are land reclaimed from the sea.
  13. Hong Kong was proclaimed as Best Business City for 4 to 5 years one after the other by readers who participated in a poll in the Business Traveller Asia Pacific magazine.
  14. In summer 2012 when the London Olympic Games took place, it has entered 42 competitors. Taking into account its small population, it’s rather an amazing feat.tsing_ma_bridge_e1
  15. The Tsing Ma bridge is the longest suspension bridge for rail traffic and road in the world and is 1,337 meters
  16. Hong Kong is the city of the largest fleet of double decker tram cars.
  17. There’re 6540 people per square kilometer which is very high! So be ready to meet hundreds of people in the streets of Hong Kong every day.
  18. English is one of the languages used in government in the professional and legal departments, though only 3,5% of people speak it in Hong Kong.
  19. There are 6,94 million of people on the area of 1,104 square meters, about 6 times the size of Washington.
  20. The highest temperature ever recorded was 31.1 degrees.загруженное
  21. Every year a bun festival takes place on the island of Cheung Chau in April or May. A bun tower gets built and you go up to snatch a bun. It’s believed that the higher you can reach a bun, the better fortune is waiting for you. This festival is held to appease the ghosts flying around the island.
  22. The citizens of Hong Kong are called ‘Hong Kongers’.
  23. The average life expectancy is 81 years in this city, which makes it the 6th highest in the world.
  24. The main goods for export in Hong Kong are clocks, watches, footwear and textile.

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