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The Most Common Mistakes Made by Men when Meeting Models

Models are almost everywhere you look. Commercials, billboards, magazines, you name it, they have probably graced it. They have been just about every other man’s fantasy since modeling became a concept.However, only a select and incredibly fortunate few have had the pleasure of actually dating a model. And chances are that, unless you are a famous celebrity or sports star, you will never really date a model.

This is due to some very common mistakes that most men make when interacting with a model. These mistakes can get you rejected in minutes, sometimes even instantly. And they are so hardwired into an ordinary man’s psyche that he never has any success at all.

Panic plays a huge part in such a situation, as the guy goes on instant panic mode when faced with such a gorgeous woman. There are other factors as well. Given below is a list of reasons, showing why men usually do not succeed at dating models.

1. They act overly impressed

One of the most common mistakes a man can make at the first meeting with a model is acting impressed by her career, accomplishments or simply her beauty status.

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When a guy behaves in such a way, he instantly comes across as an outsider, with no knowledge of the profession. This is very unattractive to a model, as they have distinct and different careers which demand understanding.

2. Treat them as a celebrity

It is true that models thrive under the limelight and crave attention but, in reality, they don’t desire the same sort of attention in their intimate lives.


A model, under all the glitz and glamour, is just a normal person and, more often than not, will wish to be treated as such. And she may not even be that big and famous a face as one might instantly imagine when they hear the word ‘model’. Again, the man here risks being viewed as someone with no real knowledge of the profession, an outsider.

3. They don’t ask the right questions

Questions are a customary part of initial conversation so getting the questions right the first time is very important. Clunky questions such as,” Tell me, what is it like, being a model?” are a surefire way of sounding like someone who knows nothing of what she does and goes through on a daily basis.


Seemingly innocent questions like these can put off just about any girl who has been in the business for a while.

4. They get stuck on the fact that she is a model

It is alright to show a very slight initial, congratulatory surprise, but getting hung up on just the fact that it is a model that you are talking with is a bad idea. Remember, there are other aspects of her personality; she might be into activities other than modeling and she might have another job even. Just like all the above, this too makes the man in question look like an outsider.


Avoiding all of these all-too-usual mistakes will significantly increase your chances of appealing to a girl in the modeling world and make sure that you leave the place with a gorgeous woman in your arms!

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