Travel Romances & Their Types

You can fall in love anytime, anywhere and traveling isn’t an exception. No matter if you are traveling with a steady partner, or sharing a brief kiss in a club, there is no doubt romance and traveling go together. Surely there are all types and durations of love and relationships, so let’s see what of them are most common.shutterstock_49.e50ea152725.originalLove the One You Are With

There is nothing wrong with the random travel romance provided you are both single. Why not? You’re in the world living your life. So if you dance barefoot with a cute Frenchman or kiss with a Brit like two refugees in the Caribbean, it’s okay for you. If you want to take things a little further than just a kissing, be aware of protecting yourself. It’s not a great idea of having a vacation souvenir requiring penicillin. Remember to take protection in your trip while it can be difficult to come by in certain parts of the world. And if you’d like to take Mr. or Ms. Sexy Back to your hotel room, be sure you don’t get yourself kicked out of it. Perhaps, that hammock on the beach is better than a dorm full of sleeping travelers.

Various Area Codes

There is an old saying that when you’re in a various area code from your boyfriend or girlfriend, you’re free to do what you like. Forget about area codes, what if you’re on another continent? I’m not one to judge but I think if you’re traveling for a certain time, keeping your boyfriend or girlfriend other back home is a bad idea. In fact, if you’re starting your round-the-world-trip, your aim is to minimize your luggage, not to leave him or her behind. People who travel often have sex with other travelers. I want to say, why put yourself and somebody else through it? Just break it off or take a break before you go. On the other hand, I’ve met travelers who were absolutely faithful to their significant back home, despite all of the seduction in the world.

The Couple That Travels Together

Traveling with your long-time partner can pose significant challenges and rewards. You’d like to experience the culture and the travel community, but you still wish to have some time to enjoy one another. Balance is the key to this situation. Spend time in the hotel getting acquainted with your fellow travelers, but you’ll want to spring for a private room if you have enough money. If you meet a person or a few people who go in the same direction, traveling in a group can improve things a bit. In reality, a couple doesn’t spend every minute together. There is no reason to think that you have to do so just because you’re far away from your home.

I asked my friend and avid traveler about this, as she travels with her husband a lot. “Remember to be flexible and have a sense of humor, support each other” – she answered. “Most importantly, keep in mind to extend the same polite consideration to each other as if you would any random traveller. If you like to visit museums and your guy is fond of nightclubs, remember to compromise. You can both give input into an activity you both like. Nothing provokes a fight like one partner not pulling her or his fair share of the planning. The advantages of a partner can also reduce your travel stress much.”12988680_m

She also defines the benefits of traveling with your long-time partner. “Travelling together also includes familiarity with each other’s habits, likes and dislikes.” But what about those couples that just don’t get along on the road? Maybe travel is just the thing to make that relationship worth-like. “If you aren’t able to get along while you travel, maybe the relationship requires a bit of a health check,” she concludes.

Hi There

Falling in love with a fellow traveler isn’t only normal, but honest. They’re interested in the entire travel culture, and they have identical experiences and aims. You get acquainted in some romantic place and you feel a certain kinship for meeting this person so far from home. Can it work? I think yes. One of my friends and co-workers met her boyfriend from Scotland while he was traveling in New York. They were making out at midnight on New Year’s Eve two years ago and are still together. Despite the fact they live in very different countries, they make an effort to spend time together at least once a month. While they don’t have any plans yet, they’ll be telling that story to their grandchildren once. Another couple I traveled with was from the Britain and Argentina. They met in New Zealand, fell in love and live now in Buenos Aires.

Immersion of the Cultures

It isn’t all unlikely you’ll get acquainted with a local if you spend any amount of time in one place. Actually, I’m sure you’ll meet lots of locals, but getting really involved with one of them is another story. It happens pretty often. Say you’re spending a year in Argentina studying and your neighbor is some hunk, complete with the nice accent, why wouldn’t you want to date him? You need to be aware of cultural differences and learn a bit about what being in a relationship with a guy or girl of that background really matters.Happy free freedom couple driving scooter excited on summer holi

I’m not going to doubt your local romance, but keep in mind that he or she could just be on the hunt for a visa. (Something I learned first from a handsome guy in Brazil). Many people look for the chance of relocating to another country. If you aren’t cautious, you might just be someone’s meal ticket. Taking that extremely sexy bike taxi driver with a 6th grade education home to live with you may not really be the great idea. There are, nevertheless, countless people I have met who have great relationships with “locals” from other states. The difference is that they often stay in the country where they met each other.

Being on the Prowl

Surely there are people who travel with the specific aim of meeting somebody while on the road – something like a hunt or a big game. When you meet a cute fellow traveler, be cautious you aren’t being snagged by one of these praying persons. Unless, of course, you’d like to be. Nevertheless, beware of those travelers who look just for getting a notch on their belts in every city or state they visit. If you hear something like, “I’ve never messed around with anybody while traveling before,” be sure you just might be that notch.

Buy Me Love

Do you like it or not, sex tourism exists in many parts of the world. No matter if it’s a serious one-time-only industry transaction or a local looking for a green card, love for pay most definitely exists. I don’t feel obliged to go into moral issue or the politics, but I’d like to acknowledge that persons do often certain destinations for that specific aim. As a girl, I’ve always suspected it would be cheaper to buy some girl dinner and a few cocktails, but I guess, to each their own.

Engagement-photos-in-Paris-at-Eiffel-Tower-couple-from-AustraliaSee You in Paris

Love in Paris is the stuff of a teenage dreams and Hollywood movies. She meets him on romantic trip. She or he must come back to real life. She and he agree to meet someplace spectacular like the top of the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building on a given date. I’m not sure if this has ever really worked for anybody, but the romantic in me hopes that it has. The romantic in me thinks this may just be the very best type of travel romance in the world.

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