Where to go for a vacation this autumn: Vietnam

Today our trip is going on and we have already packed our suitcases and are ready to go to some gorgeous country where it is still hot and it is so pleasant to stay and enjoy your unforgettable vacations. We are in Vietnam today. And if you want to get to know some more information about this wonderful place on Earth, you are welcome to join us. The most suitable weather conditions for perfect vacations in Vietnam last ’till October.


Autumn is a perfect choice as it not so hot like in summer and the season of heavy rains have not started yet.

Buddhist temple in Vietnam

Although in October there are periods of short rains, but after them the temperature of the air quickly rises to 25 C ° again.

In September, Vietnam celebrates the festivals of fertility. In the evening, all the people go out to the streets, dance, sing and …


… launch the lighted lanterns into the sky.


Fanteta and Fukuoka beaches are extremely beautiful in autumn.


In autumn the temperature of the air here is around 27 C °. It’s time to relax on the sandy beaches, swim and dive dip in the warm sea and admire the coral reefs with all their inhabitants.


October in Vietnam is rich in holidays: bullfights in Haiphong, Keo Pagoda Festival, the festival of the temple tank Kjell, folk songs festivals  and jump on oxen.


Even if the weather is not favorable for a beach holiday, the traveler will always find how to amuse himself here. Going sightseeing is one of the most popular touristic activities. They enjoy going and watching local pagodas and traditional buildings, built in a Vietnamese style.

pagodaVietnam is also rich in gorgeous temples.


Famous Ho Chi Minh City Hall isn’t open to the tourists, but it offers great outside photo opportunities for all visitors of this wonderful place.


To fly from Moscow 9:00 hours
A visa is not needed
Best time for holidays – from April till October

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