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Where to go in January for the sun and impressions: 10 best destinations (Part 1)

The middle of winter is a good time to say goodbye to the cold and boredom and go to meet the sun, the sea and adventures. We have prepared for you today 5 destination where you can enjoy sun, beach and emerald water.  1. Jaipur, India
Air temperature: 25-30 °C.
Visa: you need an Indian visa.
Cost of living: from 3$ per night.


South and South-East Asia, undoubtedly, are the best destinations for January holidays. India in this sense is not a surprise or an exception. You can, of course, go to Goa. But if you want something more unusual, go to Jaipur. From 25 to 29 January there will be the largest literature festival in Asia.

Among its participants there will be writers from all over the world. This year, for example, the speakers of the festval will be Tom Stoppard, author of the play “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead,” and Michael Ondatzhe, who wrote the novel “The English Patient.”

2. The Philippines

Air temperature: 30-34 ° C.
Water temperature: 27 ° C.
Visa: not needed.
Cost of living: from 9$ per night.


The Philippines is a good alternative to the mentioned India, as well as to Thailand and Vietnam. In January, the Philippine Islands can be boast of a good weather, so you can go there safely.

You can start your journey from the capital of the country, Manila, which is an unusual mix of Asian, Spanish and American cultures. Then you should go to the south, for example to the Bikol region. There you will find waterfalls, volcanic craters and hot springs. It is no less interesting here and on the island of Panay in January, where local festivals and carnivals are held.

3. Ngapali, Myanmar

Air temperature: 29-32 ° C.
Water temperature: 26 ° C.
Visa: not needed.
Cost of living: from 12$ per night.


And another Asian destination, where you can enjoy lying in the sun in the middle of winter, is Myanmar. The country is famous for its ancient architecture and temples, but there are places for beach recreation too. One of the best is the resort of Ngapali – rather quiet place, with clear water and white sand.

4. The Dominican Republic

Air temperature: 26-28 ° C.
Water temperature: 26 ° C.
Visa: not needed.
Cost of living: from 12$ per night.


The middle of Russian winter is the peak of the beach season in the Dominican Republic. Of course, for this reason there are a lot of tourists here in January and prices are not the lowest. But if you go on a trip right after the New Year holidays, you can save money and enjoy the sun.

If you get tired of pure beach holidays, you can go surfing, walking around the local nature reserves or go on an excursion to watch the whales.

5. Costa Rica

Air temperature: 26-28 ° C.
Water temperature: 24 ° C.
Visa: not needed.
Cost of living: from 9$ per night.

costa rica

This small country in Central America is washed by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea at the same time. You can relax on any of the coast: there are beaches everywhere. But one of the main features of the country is nature: volcanoes, caves, waterfalls. Be sure to include them in your vacation programme.

So, where would you like to go to spend your winter holidays this January?

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