Say Yes to Packing Cubes!

Is packing a real challenge for you? Especially when you try to make max space in your suitcase and not to go over the weight limit? Then what about keeping all your clothes organized? Plastic bags aren’t the only option you can get. Try packing cubes and see how they make it easier to get ready for a travelling.Packing-Cubes_7-Medium_LABEL_Eagle-Creek-Travel-Pack-Suitcase-FB_WardrobeI used plastic bags years ago as an organizing system to help sort my items while I always thought packing cubes were useless. It wasn’t until I visited a travel seminar and learned how useful packing cubes were. So I got intrigued with the possibilities. When I was going to travel to India, I tried them out. As the result I was hooked, and packing cubes became one of my travel tips. So let’s see how to choose the right travel cube – it’s not that easy as it might seem.

Structured or Unstructured

There are 2 kinds of cubes for some packing cube brands – one that has structure and one that hasn’t. I tested both of them. The structured cubes provide more comfortable sorting while the unstructured worked best when all the clothes were alike. For clothes that need selection, like color for my tops, I found the more structured cube. I rolled the tops and packed them in the cube. Side by side. Then when I was getting dressed, I unzipped the cube and selected the one I wanted to wear. Even if I didn’t totally fill the cube, it would easily squash down in my suitcase. Unlike plastic bags, I didn’t worry about air being trapped in the cube.

91d0u24wzcL._UL1500_Little Cubes

I was surprised how much clothes can be packed into a little cube. In fact, I wanted more of the smaller cubes than earlier. To understand how many packing cube and what sizes you need, I suggest you pick a brand and get one of each size. Then try some practice packing to find out how many cubes you will really use, and which size is the best for you.

The Dirty Clothes Matter

There are cubes with two pockets – one for clean clothes, and another for dirty ones. It’s a perfect way to keep track of what’s dirty and what’s still clean, and it ensures the clothes are kept apart. If you travel with younger children, you can stow bibs and other dirty clothes away and deal with them later.

packing-cubeCompression or Non-Compression

Packing cubes are known for their ability to compress your items by squeezing out the excess air so that the entire package takes up less space in your luggage. I’ve seen it displayed, and the compression impressed me much, but not all packing cubes have this compression option. You must identify the cube as a compression one, so be aware when choosing one out.

What About Shape

Packing cubes can be of different shapes, not just squares. For instance, tubes can accommodate oddball clothes like a curling iron. There are also packing envelopes, which are perfect for packing pants, skirts and shirts.

eagle-creek-quarter-cubeCarry-On Cubes

People often buy packing cubes for bigger suitcases only, but they are useful anyway in your carry-on, where important documents, snacks or headphones can be easily lost. How many times did you panic trying to find your TSA or ID? With a little packing cube, you can keep all your most-used things in a convenient spot and prevent the groans and eye rolls of irritated passengers as you hold up the line.

Travel-waterproof-storage-font-b-bag-b-font-underwear-panties-clothing-font-b-bag-b-fontPlastic Bags are for Wet Things, Food and Liquids

Plastic bags are still useful for packing wet clothes and keeping them dry in your bag, especially if you think it will be raining for long periods of time and it isn’t waterproof.  Plastic bags can be also used for food, liquids and anything else that requires protection from the elements, including paperwork.

Be ready for your packing tour with It is your real chance to see the whole world. Travel and have fun!

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