Top 5 Travel Destinations for Adrenaline Addicts

If you’re a kind of a couch-potato or the worry wart, these places aren’t for you. They are for the rebellious travellers who aren’t afraid of looking into death’s face and laugh. If you’re an adrenaline addict these 5 destinations will get your blood pumping.volcano-boarding-nicaragua-woe1-1050x700

  1. Volcano Surfing at Black Hill in Nicaragua

Black Hill is an active volcano that features unconventional sport attracting lots of attention in recent years. Volcano surfing provides sliding 500 meters down the side, while the hot pebbles of ashy mountain leave a cloud of dust behind your back.

There were 23 volcano eruptions, with its last one was taking place in 1999. During the eruption, lava and rocks spill down, while the harsh wind pushes pebbles and ash to the opposite, providing the ideal surface to reach speeds up to 95 km/h on a wooden rectangle, with only a rope to hold onto. In other parts of the world you have sandboarding, but it cannot be compared to volcano boarding, not by a long shot.

  1. Bungee Jumping at Macau Tower in China

Off the Southern Coast of Macau, the Tower, 338 meters high, gives its guests a chance to take the elevator or climb up on its side to a special platform, spreading for more than ⅔ of the way up. After you’re safely equipped, you are free to bungee jump off the side of the Macau Tower. With the platform hanging at 233 meters and a free-falling time of 3-4 seconds, this tower is the highest bungee jumping destination in the world.6658c80f-macau-bungy-jump-1

  1. Paragliding in Oludeniz, Turkey

After reaching the top of a mountain which is 1,800 meters high, paragliders will jump off the peak and glide for 30-40 minutes over the hills to the Turkish coastline, closing their trip by landing on a sandy beach. You can see paragliders equipped with colorful parachutes in the sky everyday. Age range is 4 to 84 years.paragliding_fethiye

  1. Zip Sliding at Sun City in South Africa

If you’re bored of the steady descent of zip-lining, try zip-sliding in South Africa, greatly increasing your chances of peeing your pants with fear. Instead of being suspended by a rope – like traditional zip-lining – zip-sliding makes you lie down on your chest, face first. Then you move at speeds between 120 to 160 km/h for 2 km down, in what is known as the largest, fastest and highest zip-slide in the world. Some travellers who have tried it call the experience ‘a flying feeling, not a falling feeling.’ The highest speed ever recorded was 185 km/h.Zip Sliding at Sun City

  1. Skydiving in Interlaken, Switzerland

At a height of 4,000 metres, skydiving in Swiss Interlaken overlooks the peaks of the snow-covered Alps and the two blue crystal lakes. The trip by plane starts with a 15-20 minute flight over the mountains and coasting over lakes. The fall lasts for about 45 seconds at a speed of 200 km/h. Regardless whether you’re a beginner or an advanced jumper, you can try skydiving in the Swiss Alps for just about $400.

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